Här är en typisk dag på benins gator. tryck här om du vill läsa mera om vardagen i benin. Man använder skålar för att blanda färger till de olika textilerna.


The Batik-collection is made in Benin, Westafrica, where ther small fishermens village Gbecon to a large extent get their living from this activity since Svanhild came here over 10 years ago. She just had finished a German developing project in the neighbour country Nigeria and felt that she would like to come back here and make something of her own. She rented a colonial house and started to train people, renovate, plant trees and flowers and chase bats. The house had been empty for years.

3 women and 2 men and often some trainees work here. When Svanhild is in Finland to sell or design a new collection the workers can use the ateljé for their own production. Nowadays often Batik.

The clothes are made by hand and every one is unique. The process takes time - First the garment is cut and sawn up in white, where after decorated with wax that resists dye. After dyeing the wax is elimineted by cooking in a big pot and finally dried, ironed and final checked. For more colours the garment is vaxed again after dyeing and redyed.

Also indigo i used for dyeing as indigo bushes grow everywhere. Here people have forgotten how to use indigo for dyeing but a women with Youroba background has enheritated the knowled and we hope in the future to use more indigo.

Felted hats and coats are made in Nagu Finland from Finnish wool and only natural soap has been used during the whole process from wool to coat. The colours are the natural shades of the wool.

A knitwear collection is coming for the winter, made in Finland