Här är en typisk dag på benins gator. tryck här om du vill läsa mera om vardagen i benin. Man använder skålar för att blanda färger till de olika textilerna.


- Wearable Art

Svanhild Åbonde creates unique fashion in linnen, silk and cotton with Wax Batik and dyeing in natural indigo colours e.g. She also makes felted jackets and hats in Finnish wool. She spends half the year in West Africa, Benin and makes the Batik Collection together with local artists. Her clothes are inspired by Africa but are still very Scandinavian. The Summer and Autumn she lives in Nagu in the archipelago of Turku. Here she has her Summer Shop and exhibition and makes the felted collection.

Svanhild Åbonde has got many design prices over the years and the Swedish Culture Foundations´s (Svenska Kulturfonden) price in 2003.

"The Winner has during her successful carrieer as a textile designer brought innovative elements into fashion design and being inspired by folklore and handicraft traditions worldwide she gives a personal expression of meeting different cultures in her design."

photo: Karoliina Ek